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The difference between ABS and HIPS

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ABS and HIPS are using for Paper towel dispenser ,Jumbo toilet paper dispenser,Table tissue box ,Small roll paper dispenser , Automatic air freshener And Liquid soap dispenser .

What is the different between ABS and HIPS ?

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene)
are both of material resin/plastic which uses in Electronic company.
ll of them have own carachteristic which different each other.

ABS from phisical and Mechanical study is hard and tough event at temperature as low as -40 degree Celcius. It has a high resistance to temperature fluctuation but has very limited to weathering resistance so it’s not suggets for part which placed outdoor. This material resin sometimes used in Glossy part appearance, when in injection molding machine need high pressure because bad fluidity at melting. 
Some of HIPS could be use in Glossy part but the Glossy ability can’t same with ABS level. Some of proprties from this resin are have good impact-resistance (mechanical properties), it’s non toxic;suitable to food hygene standard and used to food packing and toys, good processing and forming, good colouration but this part can’t as strength as of ABS part.

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