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Choosing the right paper towel dispenser

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A paper towel dispenser is an essential element in any sanitary restaurant kitchen or office restroom. With a variety of options available, it is best to first decide where your paper towel dispenser will be located. Whether you are looking for a surface-mounted or countertop dispenser, we have a selection of styles and colors to choose from. The mounting style and type of dispenser will affect how paper towels are stored, as well as how they are dispensed. Choosing the right paper towel dispenser for your business may seem difficult, but this guide will explain the different designs and types of dispensers so you can make the best choice!

Types of paper towel dispensers

There are many types of dispensers that offer much convenience to users especially when traffic and space are put into consideration.

Under-the-cabinet dispenser – Places like hotels, churches and some establishments have sufficient restroom space to allow counter tops and multiple numbers of sinks. Therefore, towel dispensers are just deposited on counter tops. But for places with limited space, an under-the-cabinet dispenser is commonly used. This is mounted under the cabinet using screws.

Wall-mounted dispenser – Most likely, this is the most commonly used restroom equipment. Mounted by using screws, this dispenser saves more space and gives more convenience to users when pulling out towels.

Automatic dispenser – It is outfitted with motion sensors that allow the dispensing of paper towels per sheet in a set length. This type of dispenser is commonly used in high traffic restrooms.

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