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7 Things Your Company Can Learn From Disney Outdoor Trash Bins

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7 Things Your Company Can Learn From Disney Outdoor Trash Bins

Disney Tips To Make Using Trash Cans Convenient, Fun, And Memorable

Make It Convenient

According to Disney Legend, Uncle Walt purchased a hot dog in Disneyland one day and ate it while walking. Finishing the hot dog after walking about 30 steps, Disney said, “There needs to be a trash can here.” This is how the 30-step rule for trash cans in Disney parks was instituted. So, at every Disney theme park, you will find garbage cans conveniently placed every 30 steps, encouraging guests to throw away their trash!

Consider incorporating this strategy of placing a trash can at every convenient location. It will surely help reduce unwanted waste on the floor or anywhere else around your business.

Disney outdoor dustbin from China manufactory whatsapp +8618613086495.jpg

Make It Fun

Not only are Disney trash cans conveniently placed, but they also stand out, demanding attention so you know where they are. Their trash cans are painted with bright, fun colors so they are never hidden and never subtle. Disney trash cans are everywhere, standing happily out in the open and drawing interest. Plus they are fun, so guests are always delighted to throw their trash away in such inventive trash cans!

disney trash can from China manufactory whatsapp+8618613086495.jpg

Make It Memorable 

Disney also makes throwing trash away an unforgettable experience. Imagine the enchanting experience of tossing your trash into Push the Talking Trash Can! Age becomes inconsequential under the influence of Disney's magic. People of all ages love to interact with this whimsical "character," constantly bringing their trash to him!

You may be able to incorporate this fun idea into your company's trash can strategy, too. An electronic screen mounted nearby could offer motivational messages. Or, think of the fun your employees or customers might have if a motion detector activates an electronic voice saying, "Feed me more. I'm hungry!"

video clip here :

Match It To A Theme Or Decor

Disney parks are divided into separate, charming areas, each uniquely designed around a specific theme. Every element in each area revolves around its theme, the rides, the costumes, the landscaping, and even the trash cans. This strategy builds an appealing and memorable environment in which every element becomes an icon for its theme—including the trash cans!

A great deal of thought and care goes into choosing just the right colors and decor for a business. These choices effectively determine the theme of your building, office, store, or restaurant. Choosing trash cans to match your decor is easy! This will draw attention to them and make people want to use them.

theme park trash can from China manufactory whatsapp+8618613086495.jpg


Disney trash cans are clearly marked with "Waste Please," encouraging guests to respond, "Yes, I do want to throw this trash away!" Asking nicely for what you want is always a great strategy for helping people to respond positively. It also helps guests to spot the trash cans easily, no matter what color they are.

amusement part trash can.jpg

Put Recycling Next To Trash

Now appearing all over Disney parks, fun and theme-painted recycling bins are located right next to the trash cans. Putting recycling bins next to trash cans helps build recycling awareness. This makes people more mindful of protecting the environment and also helps make it an easy decision to separate recyclable items from other garbage.

China Garden recycling bin manufacturers whatsapp8618613086495.jpg

Spread Brand Awareness

Every Disney theme park has its own unique logo, helping to promote brand awareness and guest loyalty. In fact, these famous logos have become iconic in the minds of Disney's guests. Logos are a critical aspect of business marketing, anchoring a company's brand to its target market. Even while throwing away your trash, Disney never lets you forget where you are.

Disney trash can.jpg

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