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The paper holder for Toilet use

  • KW-928
  • 39269300

1: Product number: KW-928 The paper holder
2. Material: Plastic
3. Convenient for getting paper
4. Exquisite and skillful workmanship.
5: Product size :L280xW270xH360mm
6. Packing: 4pcs/ctn 
    Packing size :L82xW38.5xH30.5MM
7: Place of Origin: China
8: Brand Name: Shining

The Paper towel dispenser in Elevation Design is designed for medium to high-traffic washrooms where time efficiency and reduced cost are important. The high capacity saves maintenance time and ensures that paper is always available. Shining dispensers have a functional, modern design, that makes a lasting impression on your guests. 
See-through window indicates when it's time to refill.

1:Automatic paper output by infrared induction.
When the hand is within 80mm of the sensor switch,
the system can respond in 0.2 seconds after receiving the command.
No contact is required.
2:Ultraviolet sterilization treatment.
Instead of giving the germs that lurk in the bathroom a chance to sneak up on you,
each time the paper comes out it will be sterilized by ultraviolet light.
Give you a Clean & dry and  health toilet.
3:The length of the paper towel is set by the smart cutting paper.
The internal rotation of the body can be set according to the need of the length of each paper out (200mm -300mm / per time ),
no waste and environmental protection.

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