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Stainless Steel Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers for Metro

  • LG-23A
  • 732690

Stainless Steel Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers for Metro 

Items: LG-23A railing stand 
1. Diameter of the tube: 51mm 
2. Thickness of the tube: 0.6mm 
3. Size: (φ )350x(h)910mm, BELT: 48*2000MM 
4. Material: Stainless steel 
5. Finish: Polish/semi-gloss/matte/Titanium - Customized style 
6. Weight: 8.7 kg 

Customized Style of the retractable belt barriers for metro is available. 

Built in 4-way connectivity. 
Compatible with other retractable barrier systems. 
Locking belt ends. 
Tension adjustable. 
Supplied with a built in sign frame adaptor. 
Available in custom powder coat colours with 9 belt options.

Packaging & Delivery of the stainless steel crowed control barrier
Packaging Detail: 20pcs of tubes/ carton, 5pcs of bases/ carton
Delivery Detail: 15 days after comfirm the order and received the deposit.

Specifications of the rope barrier for metro
Retractable Belt Railing Stand
1. Retractable belt
2. High quality metal

Company introduction:
Shining hotel articles co., ltd is professional in designing, manufacturing and marketing the hotel product such as the metro queue barrier. It has powerful product developing ability, production capacity and strict product inspecting system. The main products are stainless steel & titanium &iron products, cleansing products, room consumables and other hotel products such as the stainless steel railing stand . They are being sold both in domestic and international market, and a large customer base has been formed. In such fierce market competition, the staff in shining will continue to absorb the domestic and foreign advanced technology in order to offer valued customers the retractable belt crowd control barrier of the best quality. If you have interest about our stainless steel crowd control barrier or the railing stand for metro ,welcome to contact us.

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Company: Guangdong Shining Hotel Articles Co.,LTD.
Phone: +86-18613086495
WhatsApp/Wechat: +86-18613086495
Tel: +86-757-87390808
Fax: +86-757-87390809
Skype: Cherry.tam.t


No.92, Technology Center Industrial Park Sanshui District Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.


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