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Rack Dolly with Handle (BK-020)

  • BK-020

BK-020 Rack dolly with handle                                                                                                                                              Material:Plastic                                                                                                                                                                        Product Size:L54xW54xH80cm                   

Capacity: 150kg                                          

Carton dimension: L51xW51xH95cm                                  

Color:gray, brown

  1. Good for cleaning of  plate and tray
    2. Customize color available
    3. Fashion style
    4. Handle is easy to hold
    5. Extensible handle, fit different hight.
    6). Environment-friendly
    7). High quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and excellent service
    8). Fashionable and Easy to hold
    9). Rubber Blade and ruber Scraper
    10. OEM offerred.

    Shining Hotel Articles Co.,Ltd is professional in designing ,manufacturing and marketing the hotel product .It has powerful product developing ability ,production capacity and strict product inspecting system .The main products are stainless steel & titanium &iron products ,cleansing products ,room consumables and other hotel products .They are being sold both in domestic and international market ,and a large customer base has been formed . In such fierce market competition ,the staff in shining will continue to absorb the domestic and foreign advanced technology in order to offer valued customers the products of the best quality .

Brand Name Shining
Product Info BK-020
Material Plastic
Product Size L54*W54*H80cm
Place of Origin Guangzhou,China

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Company: Guangdong Shining Hotel Articles Co.,LTD.
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No.92, Technology Center Industrial Park Sanshui District Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.


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